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 24 Oct 2021

NatureMapr is now active on both Facebook and Twitter.

You can follow us at:

We use these accounts to share featured and significant sightings, as well as announcements and other posts of interest in relation to citizen science and the natural environment.

If you are active on social media, please follow us and tag us so that we can share your posts and build the NatureMapr community.


   25 Oct 2021
Thanks for all the awesome work you're doing Matthew, it's making a huge difference.
   26 Oct 2021
Thanks @AaronClausen, I appreciate the support.
   1 Nov 2021
Umm is it just me or do both these links go to the twitter page?
   1 Nov 2021
Thanks for pointing that out, @KylieWaldon - I have updated the Facebook link.
   2 Nov 2021
No problems @matthewfrawley :)

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